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Good Hackers are hard to find. So we've found great Hackers for you.


Our staff has spent countless hours searching the internet. Weeding out scammers and frauds to find only the best reliable and highly qualified Professional Hackers with the right skills, talents and ethics.


Using information from hundreds of sources we have compiled lists of only the most qualified Professional Hackers for you. We've search through thousands of records of qualified individuals and only the best Professional Hackers make it to our listings.


Our lists are 100% verified and confirmed. We take great pride in our work and if you find an issue with the list you're given we will work with you to get you the perfect people. *Professional Connection required.

our process

This is how we work at HACKER CONNECTION

We do the heavy lifting for you


The kind of Hacker

Working all over the internet we have engaged and researched hundreds of thousands of hackers for hire to find the ones that are legitimate and trustworthy. Our listings only contain the best Professional Hackers.


The BEST Hackers

Using our deep connections and trusted testing process we find only the best and most trustworty Professional Hackers. We look for turn around time, price, honesty and ability. To ensure that you only get the best Hacker.


Connect to your Hacker

After finding the right Hacker for hire we send you a list of the best options to best serve you We outline your Hacker for Hire's needs, skils and qualities like turn around time and previous reviews. *Custom Connection only

Follow Up

Kepping you informed

After we connect you with your perfect Hacker We make sure you have all the things you need to keep intouch with your connect manager. If something goes wrong feel free to contact us.



We scoured the internet on message boards, job boards and more to find quality HACKERS With the best skills and the best reputations.

We understand our client's hacker needs. What they want and what they are attempting to achive. We know what it is you need so we've worked to find the best hacker for you. We make the conenction and get out of the way.

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You and your HACKER work together to get your job done and if you're not satisfied we will work twice as hard to find you the right HACKER at no extra charge. We know you will be completely satisfied or we will work to make it right. Guaranteed.

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password Recovery

Did you lose a password? Did you get locked out? Let Hacker Connection find someone to help you. Locally or online!


negative posts

If you need help getting personal pictures, fake reviews, or old embarrasing posts off of the internet Hacker Connection can help find you someone.


Reclaim the Internet

Need help staying private, getting back a website, tracking down a cyber bully or malicious hacker? Just tell Hacker Connection what you need and we will help you find the perfect solution.


search and repair

Worried about what people find when they google you? Find out what the world sees and put your best foot forward online. Let Hacker Connection help.

Our Happy Customers

See what some of our prestigious clients say about us


Less than three days and my project was done. Hacker Connection listened, helped me understand the best way to do what I needed and connected me to an absolute PRO. I want to tell everyone but still keep a sceret ;-)


I had been looking all over the internet for months. I went from site to site and wasted hundreds of dollars before FINALY finding Hacker Connection and got exactly what I needed. Thank you Hacker Connection


PERFECT! I did'nt have to pay a dime until I knew I had the right person for the job! Customer for life..


I had looked everywhere, emailed a lot and lost money on Western Union scams. Hacker Connection if only I had found you first I would have saved so much. Thank you!


Check our competitive prices for our products.


$50 USD
  • Access to over 100 qualified hackers
  • Wide range of projects available
  • Clarify your project for your Hacker.
  • Skill levels best for simple jobs


$100 USD
  • Top 10 Professional Hackers
  • Contact Guaranteed!
  • Shortest turn around time.
  • Highest reviews.
  • Includes basic and standard list!
  • Includes Instant Messenger Address!
  • Escrow Payment protection!
  • 3 FREE Updates!
  • Updated: Weekly!


$75 USD
  • Average skills.
  • Fast turn around times!
  • Positive reviews
  • Includes access to basic list!

Custom Search

$500 USD
  • Customized Listing just for your needs
  • Specific skills
  • Best turn around
  • Best solutions.


Feel free to contact us at any time.
We are always open to new clients, projects and connections. Most inquiries are answered in a matter of hours.
Before you pay to talk to anyone, talk to us. We know the industry better than most and we will keep you informed. FOR FREE!

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